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    loosing characters

    Michael Nagel

      This is my first question here, I hope anyone can help.


      I have a problem creating a qvd-file based on a csv-file.

      One of the fields in the csv is char-field, length=6. The second position is "J", all the others are blank.

      Running my qvw, the result in the qvd is a field "J" with a length=1. All blanks are truncated.


      I use the following script (maybe with wrong parameters?):


      @1 AS FIELD1,
      @2 AS FIELD2,
      @3 AS FIELD3,  <= that’s the problem-field
      @4 AS FIELD4,
      @5 AS FIELD5

      FROM Test.csv
      txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is ';', msq)



      The concerning part of the csv-file:

      ;" J   "; …

      The qvd looks this way:

      Maybe someone has an idea?

      Thanks a lot, Mike