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    Qliksense Reload Task - How to do a Quarterly Reload

      Hi.   I am using Qliksense to schedule reloads for my reports.

      When I go into the Qliksense Management Console and into the Task Section to schedule a reload trigger,

      it is only giving me these options:







      Is there any way that you can schedule a "Quarterly" reload using this trigger?

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          Vladimir Komarov

          You can try to schedule the load every 13 weeks, every Sunday, for example....

          Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 1.14.51 PM.png

          It's not perfect, but close enough...

          If you need to do more accurate task (exactly at first day of the quarter, for example, or First Monday of the Quarter), than you need to update your script to check the Date every time the reload starts and proceed the reload only on desired day... In this case you can schedule a reload any way you want (even to start it every day) since it will be proceed by the script only at the specific date you've selected.







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