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    Session Acess Qlik vs Sense

    Thiago das Chagas cunha

      Hi Guys




      I have one Aplication whith Session Acess um Qlikview and i Load Binary for QlikSense,, when i try read in QlikSense i have error because Sense don't have Ntname just userId, if i change to UserID Qlikview give me a error um Qlikview user have put user and passowrd ( we y use AD authentication)


      Someone Have this  problem and have a solution ?




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          S Khan

          Section Access in Qlik view is tiny bit different to section access in QlikSense.

          In Qlikview you'll use Service Account to run in QMC but in Sense you'll use Internal Scheduler.


          If you using same AD for both Qlikview and Qlik Sense I guess it should work but my suggestion is remove the Section Access script from your Binary load and do a new section access in Qlik Sense Instead.