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    Pivot Table Wrong text format

    Michael Goldshteyn

      Greetings Community,


      Within the pivot table that I have created for some reason it is showing me a bold column which I have not defined anywhere in my code creation.





      Is there a reason that Qliksense does this and how would I possible remove the bold text?



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          Vladimir Komarov



          Are you using a custom Extension for your Pivot table? The sample above does not look like a standard Pivot Table or Regular Table objects (see how they are looking on my system below)...


          Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.38.50 PM.png

          And which QS version are you using?




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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            Hi ,


            I can only assume that you have 2 dimensions in "Columns" section in your Pivot Table.

            Judging by "+" or rather "-" icon on one of your columns you probably have not checked "Fully Expanded" under "Appearance-->Presentation".

            This is the way Qlik Sense automatically presents levels-->Bold indicates that you can expand. Once checked "Always expanded", everything becomes visible, and bold font disappears.


            Unfortunately we do not have control over this settings and it comes set like this "out of the box"


            hope this helps




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              Patrik Lundblad

              Hi Michael,


              This is a bug where the wrong column is getting bolded. What is supposed to happen is that the total column one step to the left should be bold.


              This has been fixed and should be part of the 3.2 SR 3 release.


              Best regards,