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    using 2 Match functions in if statement

    Romila Bhagat



      I have a field (CreateDate) in format DD/MM/YYYY

      a variable (vHolidayList) which contains the value ('02/05/2016','24/04/2016','28/04/2016','26/12/2016','27/12/2016'..... )

      I am using match function in If condition as shown below

      if(match(CreateDate, $(vHolidayList)) and match(CreateDate+1, $(vHolidayList)) > 0, 'True condition', 'NA') as column


      I am getting NA everytime but if I remove the 2nd match in the above if statement then I am getting the true condition. Can you please suggest how to use 2 match in the if statement ? I want to check if the createdate is the same to the holidaydate where holidaydate if is consecutive (e.g. 26/12 and 27/12) then another set of calculations are done in my true condition.


      Can you please let me know the way forward?