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    Variable extension and filter issue

    Xavier HEMELAAR

      Hi Qliker,


      I have an issue with an app. I'm tring to use variable extension to change dimension for several charts (See App attached).

      I've created two bottons 'Customer' and 'Region'. When I press one of this button my bar chart and my pie chart will have the dimension changed. Each one with a different dimension. So far every tning is fine, it's working !!


      So for exemple I press the button region, my bare chart will diplay 'Region' and my pie chart will displayed 'Product Type' as requested. But if I select 'Vegetables' in my pie chart then all the filters are set in the bar filter because all those dimenssion are part of my dimension expression. I would like to only have the filter 'Product Type'... Is there a way to trick Qlik Sense?


      Thanks for your help


      Best regards