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    Include 0 value dates between min and max days - Continued

    Dave Bauer

      I have already posted about this, but since my last post, for some reason the solution has stopped working.  A link to my first post is here:


      Include 0 value dates between min and max days


      So the problem I am having is that I want to show on my bar chart all days/year-months that have zero open sales orders so as to have a good visual timeline of when these orders will go out.  So the final expression that was derived from the first post is as follows:


      sum ({$<SalesTransactionType = {'Open Order'}>}SalesTopLine)


      sum ({$<OrderRequiredDateKey={">=$(=date(Min({<SalesTransactionType = {'Open Order'}>} OrderRequiredDateKey)))<=$(=date(Max({<SalesTransactionType = {'Open Order'}>} OrderRequiredDateKey)))"}>}0)

      This works perfectly when I have not made any selections (see picture below with zero $ months):



      But when I make a selection, it all goes away (see picture below, not zero $ months are showing):


      Am I missing something? 


      Thanks again.