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    Data Issue

    pradeep kumar

      Hi All ,


      after removing synthetic keys i am not getting data properly.


      this are the field names


      if(Month(date#(FiscalMonth,'MM'))='Dec','December')))))))))))) as Month,

      num(Month(date(date#(FiscalMonth&'-'&FiscalMonth,'MM-YYYY')))) as MonthNum,

      Year(date#(FiscalMonth,'yyyy'))&num(Month(date#(FiscalMonth,'MM')),'00') as MonthNum1,

      Year(date#(FiscalYear,'yyyy')) AS Year


      chaned to


      if(Month(date#(FiscalMonth,'MM'))='Dec','December')))))))))))) as AR_FiscalMonth,

      num(Month(date(date#(FiscalMonth&'-'&FiscalMonth,'MM-YYYY')))) as AR_FiscalMonthNum,

      Year(date#(FiscalMonth,'yyyy'))&num(Month(date#(FiscalMonth,'MM')),'00') as AR_FiscalMonthNum1,

      Year(date#(FiscalYear,'yyyy')) AS AR1_FiscalYear


      any suggestions ,


      Thanks ,

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          Rahul Pawar

          Hello Pradeep,


          Could you please share application with sample data as well as desired results? This will help us to provide your expected response.




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              pradeep kumar

              Rahul ,

              thanks for response i am not able to provide data. due to security reasons.this sample is from app which i made changes and removed synthetic keys from 9 fact tables .

              after removing synthetic keys data not displaying correctly .if u need data i can copy and paste .

              thanks ,