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    Check XML structure for errors before importing

    Dirk Fischer

      Hi folks,


      I struggle with importing a big number of XML files and would be glad, if I got some input how to handle this problem.


      I use the following code for importing the XML file and extracting the data:

      vPathToXmlFile contains the path to the file to be imported.



          Concat( RAW_XML, Chr(13) & Chr(10), %REC_ID ) As RAW_XML



          [@1:n] As RAW_XML

          ,RecNo() As %REC_ID

        From [$(vPathToXmlFile)]

        (Fix, UTF8);



        Load Distinct

          '$(vPathToXmlFile)' As %IMPORT_FILE

          ,Text( '$(vIdMachine)' ) As %ID_MACHINE

          ,[ParentSectionType] As REP_TYPE

          ,[ParentSectionNumber] As IPP_NO

          ,[MainSectionNumber] As IPP_PART_NO

          ,Timestamp#([MainSectionOpenedTime], 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS') As START

          ,Timestamp#([MainSectionClosedTime], 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS') As END

          ,FileTime( '$(vPathToXmlFile)' ) As FILE_TIME

          ,FileSize( '$(vPathToXmlFile)' ) As FILE_SIZE

        From_Field(RAW_DATA, RAW_XML)

        (XmlSimple, table is [IppNormalBalanceReport/HeaderDataForReport]);


      This is working fine as long as the file is not corrupt. Unfortunately, there are files, where the XML structure is corrupt and then the application stops loading. So now I need to check the structure before loading or I need to find a different option for error handling.


      The drawback of the text Import is, that you get only one row out of the file, so I can't go for checking the number of rows in the file (which might be a weak check, but better than nothing).


      Does anybody have a suggestion, how I could solve this problem?