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    Qlik Sense multi-node - AD user login failed

    Ibrahim Düzenli

      Hello Qlik Community and Hello shraddha.g,


      hopefully you have an idea for my problem. I read the following discussion, but the solution for the mentioned discussion is not the same solution for my problem.



      I installed Qlik Sense 3.2 with the Multi node scenario. I connected the Central node with the Rim node. Both nodes are running.

      My Central node and Rim Node has the same settings (see attached picture):



      1. With the Local account on the Rim node I have access to the QMC, but not to the HUB.

      2. With the AD accounts I am not able to login on the Rim node.


      Hopefully you have an idea for this problem. I am very grateful to your help and support.

      Best regards,