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    Is it possible to display certain criteria data as a % of the full range?

    Jason Humm

      Hi all


      I am new to Qliksense and am just starting to see how beneficial it can be.


      In the data I am analyzing I have production volume per category and whether if it was scrap or not. If it was scrap it has the reason etc.

      At the moment I can show the number of scrap per category but this does not necessarily point to problems because it does not take volume into consideration.



      I produce 10 of category A and 3 are scrap. I also produce 100 of category B and 20 are scrap. At the moment my Qlik would show that category B is the main problem as it has more scrap.


      is there a way to show it as a %? That way I would see Category A is running at 30% scrap and Category B is running at 20%.


      This is very simplified but I hope you follow what I am asking.