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    Filter Equation Year Month Weakday

    Salamon Musayev



      I have an issue that I am hoping someone can help me with.


      I have the following formula that I am applying to a KPI.  The formula is used to calculate the operating room (OR) utilization rate.

      It takes the actual time the operating room is utilized for all 15 rooms during the five weekdays (ORtimeOnly + TurnAroundTime) and divides by the maximum availability of 15 rooms during the 5 weekdays. 


      Part 1 of the equation -  Actual OR utilization


           Sum(ORtimeOnly) * 1440  //Multiplies the sum of the field to converts from a number to minutes


           Sum(TurnAroundTime)  //The field is already in minutes, therefore give the sum of all turnaroundtime




      Part 2 of the equation - Maximum available time


           510  //Operating Minutes Available


           15 // Fifteen Operating Rooms


           5   //Five Days a Week


           52  //Number of Weeks in the year



      I get my utilization rate and convert the format to a % (for example 88%). 

      My issue is that it shows the utilization rate for the whole year, and the issue occurs is when I click on a specific month it shows the percentage that month makes of the overall utilization rate and not its own utilization rate (for example Jan would be 5%).


      I understand that the  problem most likely is my second part of the equation. 


      However I am having a hard time figuring out how I can show the KPI to be actual representation of the whole year and if the user selects a month or a weekday to show the representation of the OR utilization rate for that month or weekday. 




      AS the KPI for the Year shows  88%

      If I select a given month for example Jan it would show = 90%  (instead of 5% it shows now)

      if I select a weekday like Monday it would show also 80% instead of 15%



      Please help and ask if you have any questions.

      Thank you