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    Dimension Help - Actual and Forecast

    Hannah Cozad

      Hello, I am trying to figure out an expression for a dimension for a table.

      This is my table and the current expression for the Adjusted Encounters dimension


      table dimension.jpg


      IF([Service Date] <= Today()

        , 'Actual through ' & date(today(),'MM/DD')

        ,'Forecast through ' & date(floor(monthend(Today())), 'MM/DD')



      I want the Actual numbers to be everything up to and including 03/22/17, and the Forecast to be everything up to and including 03/31/17. Right now it is putting the counts into one or the other. For example, the Actual for Forecast should be 4,620,281, instead of the 1,936,560. Is it best to try to do that in the dimension, or in the expression of the measures?