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    Issue with Fetching data with REST Connector in Qliksense QMC

    Praveena Sarabhu

      Hi All,


      Am trying to fetch data from Hbase using REST Connector.

      When The task is running in Qliksense QMC/App Management, facing below issues,

      1. It is able to connect and fetch about 20000 lines and later it is going to hold or hang state and unable to fetch data any further (the task is neither failed nor succeeded but hanged).

      2. Few tables are perfect in connecting and fetching but fetching Zero records though the table has fine number of records.


      But when tried to fetch from QlikSense Desktop, it is working perfect.

      Also none of the above issues appeared for few other tables.


      Please help me to know of

      a) What might be the reasons for this

      b) And how to resolve this issue.



      Praveena Kumar