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    Filter Pane

    Robert Winkel

      I have a Pivot Table that I only want to display one description in a field.  I have tried a few things but I still have to select Data Entry to get it to work.  Is there a way to only display the one description upon opening the sheet?


      =Match(([Department Desc]) = 'Data Entry',[Department Desc])


      =If(([Department Desc]) = 'Data Entry',[Department Desc])

        • Re: Filter Pane
          omar bensalem

          Suppose your measure is : sum(sales)

          alter it as follow:

          sum({<[Department Desc]) = {'Data Entry'}>}sales)


          The result would be as follow:


          table 1 : measure : Sum([Car sales])

          table 2 : measure : Sum({<[OICA region]={'Africa'}>}[Car sales])