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    Microsoft App-v and QLik Sense Desktop 3.1 SR4

      Hi. I am trying to package Qlik sense 3.1 SR4 using Appv. I am getting some errors and I noticed that is installs into the users profile and not under program files when going through the install. Is there any way to control the location of the install?


      Operational Log

      failed to launch. process ID 9056, error 0xFD01F25-0x2.

      Admin Log

      Process 9056 failed to start due to Virtual Filesystem subsystem failure. Package ID {3ab8e167-b6cf-4826-9d69-155543932c39}. Version ID {7323b167-029e-496e-ba8e-0591b5c4def3}. Error: 0xFD01F25-0x2