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    RAM Sizing for a server considering Direct Discovery applications...??

    dhasharadh goud

      Hi All ,


      Hope you are doing good unlike me who is working with DD in Qlikview .


      Assigned with a task called feasibility study on DD in our Env which is having 92 GB reporting in almost all env same (Dev, test and Prod)

      whereas the total DB size is 300 GB.


      We have many docs for estimating the RAM Size Required in normal reporting, but i did not find any Document w.r.to RAM calculations in Direct Discovery Concept. along with no of CPU cores required in Different Env.


      In Big Confusion that how to decide the RAM Required in Diff Env in this situation, as well as CPU Cores info.


      can any one of you come across this kind of study and analysis on Direct Discovery app / normal Qlikview Reporting.


      Please share that reference Documents.That will help us alot.


      Appreciate the response on this , thanks in advance