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    Need Help in Coloring Expression based on Rule

    Ankit Gupta

      I am trying to calculate the Variance % YTD of the total spend against total projected for the year, for that I am putting this expression: sum([Actual Spend])/(sum([AOP CapEx]+[AOP OpEx]))

      Results are appearing fine.


      Now I want to go one step ahead and color code the value based on condition, like if Variance % is greater than 100% show RED else Green, for that I am changing the above code like this:

      if((Sum([Actual Spend]))/(Sum([AOP CapEx]+[AOP OpEx]))>1,red(255),green(255))


      This expressions run without any error, but :

      1. The Variance % is not properly calculating , the # should be 15% , but its showing 46.2345566777 which is not correct

      2. The # didn't get any color


      I am not sure what wrong I am doing, can someone please help me in solving this.