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    YTD  KPI presentation

    Christine Huband

      I need to recreate an existing report that has several KPIs (eight of them) that are presented twice on a dashboard - once for the selected period (usually the previous week or month) and then the YTD figure for up to the last date selected in the other KPI.


      For instance –

      Select Year, Month, and (possibly) days and get


               Total Cancelled:              4

               YTD Total Cancelled:     12


      All of the blocks are dimensionless single expression straight tables. I'm using a "standard" Master Calendar, so have "CurYTDFlag", but I can't figure out how to use it in this context.


      The formula for the Total Cancelled (straight table) is something like (expression):

               =sum(if(Outcome = 'Cnx' or Outcome = 'DC',1,0))


      Other KPIs have expressions something like:



      Other KPIs have expressions something like:



      One is slightly more complicated (gives a percentage):




      What should the expressions be to show the figures from 01/01/2017 to 15/02/2017 in the bottom boxes now matter what is selected in the dates?


      Thank you for your attention!