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    How to add a calculated columns using expression in qlik sense

    akanksha Patil



      I am trying to add two columns in my table view as shown below. 



      For simple addition or subtraction I can add a column  but when I try to calculate percentage for each row by total of that column and use that calculated field again I get error in expression.




      Can anyone please help me with how can I make it in Qlik Sense?





      as shown in below table I am trying to add two more columns by performing calculations on existing data


      Unit Name AllocationRevenue% Revenue of total Proposed_Allocation
      Temp 110112C2/(Sum(Revenue)) * 100Sum(Allocation)*D2
      Temp 211114C3/(Sum(Revenue)) * 100Sum(Allocation)*D3
      Temp 312115C4/(Sum(Revenue)) * 100Sum(Allocation)*D4


      Thank You