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    How to convert default number formatting into Crores(Cr) and Lakhs(L) in QlikSense?

    Suryank Singh

      Does anyone know how to customize number formatting in QlikSense ?


      By default QlikSense displays numbers in format given below:


      AmountInternational Quotation
      100,000.00100 K
      1,000,000.001 M
      10,000,000.0010 M
      100,000,000.00100 M
      1,000,000,000.001 G


      And as per requirement, values needed should be in the format given below:


      International QuotationAmountIndian Quotation
      100 K100,000.001 L
      1 M1,000,000.0010 L
      10 M10,000,000.001 Cr
      100 M100,000,000.0010 Cr
      1 G1,000,000,000.00100 Cr


      Has anyone achieved the above format or has implemented above case, please do share the solution or the steps to it. !