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    Pivot table not showing totals correctly on a calculated field

    Christopher Park

      Qilk Sense Newbie.


      I have a pivot table where I have placed a total monetary sales value with the dimensions of year, month, source (store type) and sub source (store name).

      Pivot Table.png


      The field "Order Total GBP (FBA Fix)" is calculated measure.


      if(Source='AMAZON FBA',


          (Sum({$<Source-={'AMAZON FBA'}>} [Line total_GBP]))


          Sum({$<Source-={'AMAZON FBA'}>} [Order total_GBP])




      But when I check the totals for the month the total is not adding  up.


      Pivot Table Excel.png


      Is this an error in Qilk? Or do I need to do something in the calculated field for the values total correctly?