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    Link dates to calendar

    Max Shevchenko



      I have table where presents few date fields.


      LOAD * INLINE [

      Event, DateStart, DateChange, DateEnd

      Event1, 01/15/17, 01/20/17, 01/25/17

      Event2, 07/15/17, 07/20/17, 07/25/17

      Event3, 10/15/17, 10/20/17, 10/25/17



      I need connect to the Master Calendar Table where I get any dimension value from Day, Month, Year for any Event field and any date field.


      For example


      Event1 for DateStart  I need get Day "15"

      Event2 for DateChange I need get Month "July"

      Event3 for DateEnd I need get Year "2017"

      What is the best solution if I have 5-7 Date filelds in Date_Table?