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    Color String in Expression Editor

    Andrea Giacomello

      Hello experts!

      I am trying to color a string like this chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9733) in the expression editor!

      It is the dimension of a bar chart, how can i do it? i would have the stars (the result of the chr() function) coloured!

      The exact code is:


      if([ ]='Excellent', chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9733), 

      if([ ]='Very Good', chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9734), 

      if([ ]='Average', chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9734)&chr(9734),

      if([ ]='Poor', chr(9733)&chr(9733)&chr(9734)&chr(9734)&chr(9734),

      if([ ]='Terrible', chr(9733)&chr(9734)&chr(9734)&chr(9734)&chr(9734))))))