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    QlikSense Resolution Issue

    Bashar Khalid

      So I have my laptop hooked up to a monitor and my resolution on that is 1920x1080, I created my application with no problems. I shared the application with my colleague who viewed the app on a 1366x768 laptop screen. The application has now less space to work with as most of the barchart dimensions don't show anymore, and object titles are not complete and show up like this (Terminated Employees by.....). This will result in me having to restructure the whole application, as who knows what resolution the customer will open the app in. Anyone facing the same issue or has a solution?

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          Liron Baram


          this is the nature of a responsive design , so Qlik sense

          tries to display the data as efficient as ti can.

          if you don't want responsiveness you can opt for a mashup design

          although you'll loose other capabilities as well, such as built in export of objects and more 

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              Bill Markham

              There are those who believe in the Mobile First approach,  this url Mobile First Design: Why It's Great and Why It Sucks points to an article which as its title suggests debates its pro's and con's.


              Personally I believe in developing things with the lowest common denominator being the primary driver.  Often an app will never be used on a phone, but there are an awful lot of 1024 x 768 resolution monitors still in active use so that may well be a suitable lowest common denominator.  Maybe what you need to do is get whoever manages your customer relations to agree what the minimum screen resolution is that you can insist on being required to run the apps.


              I have just developed a Qlik Sense mashup with a Mobile First approach, with the minimum screen resolution defined as an iPhone 6 at 375 * 667 and also tested it on iPad's, 1024 *768 & up to 1920 * 1080.  And, dare I say it, it responds beautifully and people love it - it has multiple viz's that show / hide dependent on screen resolution.  So an iPhone gets cut down tables with only 7 columns and big screens get 22 columns tables - and a similar principle for charts, KPI's and other viz's.


              For plain qvf apps we define the minimum screen resolution as 1024 *768.

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              Andy Weir

              When designing your apps think of your user community and how they are most likely to access your dashboard this should steer you in the direction of which visualization to use and how much to try can show in one chart.  keeping your charts simple and in cluttered and working from left to right in your larger layouts will show best when viewed on a mobile device.