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    Operations monitor reload task failed (from QMC)

    Gaston Tan

      Hi guys.


      I seem to be having a problem with reloading the operation's monitor on QMC.

      However, i am able to reload the license monitor.

      (View the .log file for the reloading of operations monitor as attached !.)

      I am using virtual proxy with one node.

      I have appended the prefix of the virtual proxy to the URL of the data connections (qrs_*) but to no avail.

      I have set the reload user as root admin and these includes Sa repository and Sa scheduler.


      Do note that i have read and tried these solutions.

      Monitoring a Qlik Sense site ‒ Qlik Sense (Updating data connections due to prefix of virtual proxy).

      Setting reload user, sa repository and scheduler to root admin.

      Import and replace operations monitor on the monitoring stream.


      Thanks all, appreciate your help.