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    data reduction in section access using qliksense

    shruthi PANNALA

      Hi Friends, I am implementing data reduction in section access using qliksense but it doesnt seems to working ,can some body guide me on implemeting data reuction in qliksense, below is screen shot of my code


      I have user abc, and member name is one field name one of the tables in my data .

      I would like to show the data related to particular member name called "Teacher" to that user abc, when i implement below code, it doesn't seems to be working, it is showing all the data to the user


      DataReductionin SectionAccessError.jpg

        • Re: data reduction in section access using qliksense
          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          Try the below script

          Star is *;



          section access;

          LOAD * INLINE [


              USER, CORP\USERNAME1, AAA, CA

              USER, CORP\USERNAME1, BBB, AB

              USER, CORP\USERNAME1, CCC, BC

              USER, CORP\USERNAME1, DDD, CD

              USER, CORP\USERNAME, *, *


              USER, CORP\USERNAME2, EEE, AZ

              USER, CORP\USERNAME2, FFF, QA

              USER, CORP\USERNAME2, JJJ, RT


          section application;




          LOAD * INLINE [


              USA, 100000, 10000, 10, CA, AAA

              USA, 200000, 10000, 20, AB, BBB

              USA, 300000, 10000, 30, BC, CCC

              USA, 400000, 10000, 40, CD, DDD

              USA, 500000, 10000, 50, QW, EEE

              USA, 600000, 10000, 60, BB, FFF

              USA, 700000, 10000, 70, ZA, GGG

              USA, 800000, 10000, 80, AZ, HHH

              USA, 900000, 90000, 90, QA, III

              USA, 100000, 10000, 10, RT, JJJ

              EU, 110000, 11000, 110, ER, KKK

              EU, 120000, 12000, 120, WE, LLL



          Note: replace Username with your users