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    Olivier d'Assier

      Hello all,


      Is anyone using the Dygraphs extension (GitHub - danielpierre/qlik-sense-dygraphs: A dygraphs chart extension for Qlik Sense) with QS 3.1?  I'm having trouble making the multi-Series line chart work.  My Error expressions keep disappearing from the settings and never display.  I"m attaching the app with the data here.


      The line chart should be the JP2 Mean data, the High and Low error bars the JP2 Low and JP2 High.  Dimension is date.  But I only seem to be able to display the Mean line despite double checking on all the settings.  this extension hasn't been updated for a year so it may just be that it is not compatible with QS 3.1. 


      Let me know if anyone has found a fix.