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    Bargraph: Shows all data 100%

    Supriya R



      i have bar Graph, where i Need to put graph for Q1 and Q2,

      where Q1 has many options, but i need to show count for only 'Agree' and 'Strongly Agree'.

      where Q2 has many options, but i need to show count for only 'Agree' and 'Strongly Agree'.

      If i put graph it shows all 100%, Please find attached qvf file.


      Dimension 1:

      if(match(question_id,'Q1','Q2'),if(question_id='Q1','GOOD IMPRESSION',if(question_id='Q2','SUCCESSFUL IN EDUCATING')))

      Diemnsion 2:

      if(match(answer_text,'Strongly Agree','Agree'),answer_text)



      count({$<answer_text={'Agree','Strongly Agree'}>}distinct lender_offer_id)/count(distinct lender_offer_id)



      Please help me on this

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          Daniel Ansell



          Is this what you are wanting?


          All i done was change expression to:

          count( lender_offer_id)


          However maybe you wanted  count(DISTINCT lender_offer_id)


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            omar bensalem

            Try to add Total in your expression and then format it as %:

            count({$<answer_text={'Agree','Strongly Agree'}>}distinct lender_offer_id)/count(distinct TOTAL lender_offer_id)




            ps : you do not need this part {$<answer_text={'Agree','Strongly Agree'}>} since you're already aggregating your expression by this 2 values (Agree and strongly agree); these are you're dimension already.


            So, count(distinct lender_offer_id)/count(distinct TOTAL lender_offer_id) will have the same effect