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    Question about Variable in Sense

    liesbeth tillemans

      He Guys,


      Im new to Qlik community. I been working with Sense for over a month now.

      I have two questions.



      Im doing this QCC lesson online. According to the material. I can see the variables in my de-bugger.  But I only see few Variables. The ones that are missing are:





      When I open the front end and check the Variable overview, I can see them. Do you think this is a bug of Sense or is there probably something wrong with my script?




      Min (OrderDate) as Mindate,

      Max (OrderDate) as Maxdate

      Resident Orders;



      Let vMinDate= num( peek('Mindate',0,'MinMaxTemp'));

      Let vMaxDate= num( peek('Maxdate',0,'MinMaxTemp'));

      Let vToday= $(vMaxDate);



      Is a Qlik Deployment Console the same thing as the QMC? If not  what are the main differences, purposes of these dashboards?


      Hope somebody can help me with these questions.


      Thanks in advance!