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    Qlik Sense story PDF export missing items and size issue

    Amir Jaber

      I have a Story that I want to circulate to parties that cannot access our Qlik servers.


      When I click 'Export to PDF' certain items go blank e.g. a table here and there, but not consistently all tables. Also, sometimes an object which did not get exported during the first try, works when I re-try to export.

      Export image.PNG


      At the same time, the size of the slides do not match the size of the PDF. I'm reluctant to take screen shots because of confidential data but here's what I mean. A table (which does get exported this run) may cover 90% of the total page. Say the width of the slide in Qlik's story is 20 and the height is 10. The table within is 19W x 9.5H. The PDF sheet is also 20W x 10H, but the table has now proportionally shrunk. Its dimensions are now, say, 15W x 7.5H. This means that there is extra white space at the bottom and on the right of each sheet in the PDF because the pages are not filled.


      The settings I tend to use are below. However I have tried every possible combination and they don't seem to work.

      export settings.PNG