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    A multiple html approach for mashups

    Marco Hamacher

      First of, I know about the other threads on this topic and the angular js "solution".

      However as we are building relatively big mashups and also need a flexible structure we would like to use multiple html files.
      Of course we encountered the problem of selections not surviving the switching of the html page.

      I tried to solve this issue using the local storage which appeared to work quite well, but only if not more than 6 values are selected per field and has to utilize some messy typecasts and hacks to also work for dates.


      I would like to know if there is a way to get all selected objects via js from qlik?

      Am I missing something like a selection object that could be stored and handed directly to the selection bar?


      Sure I am new to Qlik but is there a reason that multiple html pages are not supported? This issue seems to come up quite often in the community so I guess there is a demand for that. 


      I hope to hear something on that issue and I am also glad for input on other solutions to work around this. Thanks