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    Is there a need to install Qliksense desktop on a Qliksense server?

    Siddharth Kulkarni



      1. Is it required to install Qliksense desktop on the box that has the Qliksense server installed. In other words, once you install Qliksense server, is there a need to install the Qliksense desktop at all?


      2. In a server - client Qliksense model, do the end users need to install anything apart from the browser?



      Note - I have a handle on the overall Qliksense Architecture (below), am looking to seek clarification on the above.



      Server-side components:  Qlik Sense Proxy (QPS) , Qlik Sense Engine (QIX) ,Qlik Sense Scheduler (QSS) ,Qlik Sense Repository (QRS) , Qlik Sense Applications (.QVF)




      Qlik Sense Clients: Hub, Management Console.