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    Billling in the Cloud

    John Sands

      How often are people using Cloud technology for running SIB's and what do they find on average the costs are for a standard SIB? Should we be charging for this? I also think we should have a better name for this group something like QlikoCumulous or Now Qliktech gets Cirrius, thoughts anyone?

        • Billling in the Cloud

          It's GREAT! I use it for all demos now. Starting with an email that tells me my reports are ready, linking to a report held 'in the cloud' that i can then cruise through during the demo. Really good for the enterprise customer.

          Also used it extensively to 'play' with the QV9 Beta releases thus maintaining QV8.5 on my machine.

          Also used it for a conference, linking to a hosted app and using that to demo.

          Also used it post-SiB when customers want to show colleagues how cool the developed app is. Time banded tightly and get the Server Monitoring App up and running so you can see who looks and when.


          QlikTech... Cirrius?? This stuff is too much fun for that!