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    Concatenante dim and measure in a chart (pie chart)

    omar bensalem

      Hi everyone ( stalwar1),


      I have a pie chart,

      as a dimension: Sens

      as a measure: Count({<$(vSetPeriodPres),Code_Ligne={'MAL'},Groupe_Complet_Vide={c,C,G}>}Dossier)



      here is the current output  :



      Now, what I'm trying to do is having next to N->S and S->N the % of the total.

      I'll then need to alter my dimension and add to it a measure :

      Sens&' / '&



      $(=Count({<$(vSetPeriodPres),Code_Ligne={'MAL'},Groupe_Complet_Vide={c,C,G}>}TOTAL Dossier)))

      But this is always showing 1:



      The reason for this is because the first part always returns the total and doesn't aggregate on the dimension SENS:

      See: when I choose as a dimension:

      Sens&' / '&



      It will show 121, which is the total:(32+89)



      The question is, how to force this o return 89 for Sens N-S and 32 for S-N?

      I also tried this:

      =Sens&' / '&


      But this did not change a thing !


      Thanks in advance for your help