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    QlikView in clouds - not AWS/EC2, but in a data centre


      Has anyone successfully implemented a 'cloud' environment for QlikView? Specifically I am asking about QlikView being hosted as a turn-key package at a data centre of a company or outsourcer.

      As I understand it:


      • QV in the cloud would be no more than a VM instance pre-loaded with Qlikview - effectively a turnkey QV machine. A QV admin looks after QlikView, the data centre manages the VM.
      • If required it should be possible to replicate this machine on demand as we do at AWS. You might want to do this for running ad-hoc SIBs and pilots in a large organisation (incl. government bodies). If QV machines do not need to be replicated regularly I can't see why we need anything more than a preloaded QV VM instance.
      • The bigger challenge is loading data into the cloud, be it directly from the data sources or making externally loaded QVD/QVWs available to the QV instance. Do you know if any customer has done this?


      Your your thoughts and experiences are most welcome.