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    Qlik SAP and Hierarchy

    shay raber

      working with SAP R/3

      want to create an hierarchy (finance related) in order to create a structured balance sheet based on the tables:

      1. SETNODE

      2. SETLEAF


      SETNODE holds 2 relevant fields:

      SETNAME = a parent node's name

      SUBSETNAME = a node's name


      the rules is:

      if a SUBSETNAME value has no record where it is a SETNAME - then, it's a leaf, else - it's a node and it has SUBSETNAME values where it is a SETNAME


      SETLEAF holds 3 relevant fields:

      SETNAME = the leaf's name

      VALFROM and VALTO = boundries for the range of data for that leaf

      using the hierarchy(NodeID, ParentNodeID,...) function didn't seem to work, or maybe i didn't use it properly?

      Please assist