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    Page function in Nprinting

    Jose Puig



      I'm working in a Project and i need to do two consecutive slides (in PPT) for each flied with the function page. I give an example:


      I have a field that i called Countries. Now i want to do a PPT report and i want to destinate 2 consecutive slides for each country, but this 2 slides must have the same format for the other countries. If i apply the function page for each slide i have the first slide repeated for all the countries i and then the other slide repeated:

      1. SPAIN(1)

      2. PORTUGAL (1)

      3. ITALY (1)

      4. SPAIN (2)

      5. PORTUGAL (2)

      6. ITALY (2)


      I need to have the two slides consecutive. Like this:


      1. SPAIN (1)

      2. SPAIN (2)

      3. PORTUGAL (1)

      4. PORTUGAL (2)

      5. ITALY (1)

      6. ITALY(2)

      Can anybody help me?


      thank you!