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    QlikView Client Disconnection Issue with QVP://(Server) | Server communication lost, closing document!

    Atsushi Saijo

      I started investigation on the disconnection issue between QlikView server and QlikView client.

      Very much often we currently experience such error, like every 10-15 mnutes. It is highly possible that this is related to the Client-Server communication.

      Dev 28-Mar-17 0  48.29.jpg

      On QVS, document timeout is 480 min.


      Also in QVS, session timeout is set to none. But disconnection is recurring.



      All the server services are running normally.

      Dev 28-Mar-17 0  68.36.jpg

      License leasing is properly executed. Users can open documents in OpenInServer, and explore for 10-15 minutes. Then disconnection comes.


      To start investigation, we have prepared WireShark to monitor TCP communication on the test server. Now, what port should we watch for such error? What type of keep-alive mechanism could we implement?


      To be safe side, we have disabled Add-on Congestion Control Provider on WIndows Server 2008 R2.

      [Old Config]


      [New Config]


      I should highly appreciate for any feedback/advices.