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    QVSource Sharepoint 365 connectivity

    João Bastos

      Hello everyone,


      In my solution there is a new requirement to connect to SharePoint 365. We were connecting to a previous version of the SharePoint and now was updated to 365 version.


      In my local computer I changed the url and it's working fine (https://<url site>/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CMD=Display&XMLDATA=1&List=<GUID>) but it seems that in the QMC this doesn't work. In order to overcome it I create a connection with QVSource.


      And with QVSource I can get the EXCEL files that I need.


      But for the Lists I did the following query:

      http://<QVSource Connection>?table=ListItemsFromID&subSite=sites%2fCompass&listId=<GUID>

      With this query I'm getting different fields from the query without the QVSource. The fields that I need are: ows_LinkFilename, ows_Modified and  ows_Editor. Anyone knows how I can get these fields with QVSource?


      In addiction I cannot query groups. Anyone knows how I can get the list of users within a SP Group?


      Thanks in advance