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    Create Oracle hierarchy structure in different tables in qlik

    Jorunn Mense

      Hi everybody,


      I'm currently using an Oracle database. I want to connect it to qlik sense, what is already working fine.

      But I have some problems to organize my data.

      My dimension tables are organized in a different manner than it is expected in qlik. Qlik is using the star or snowflake schema. So for example I have one dimension table for the dimension 'Time' with all the possible hierarchies, levels and members. Because of that I'm able to roll-up or drill-down.

      I'm using a table for all dimensions, one for all hierarchies and one for all members. So I have the time in the dimension table, the period of time as hierarchy, the year as a level and the keydate sets place in the member table.

      Is there any possibility to use my structure in qlik? Or do I have to create new tables because qlik won't be able to create a dimension table of my information?


      With best regards!