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    QRS - Create task with compositEvent

    Axel Vanden Eynden



      I'm trying to create a Task with a composite event based on the endpoint /qrs/reloadtask/create. With the same endpoint I successfully created a Task with a schemaEvent. But no luck on this one !


          "app": {
            "id": "91441f7d-c6aa-46ee-8a8d-88210fece399"
          "isManuallyTriggered": false,
          "name": "_Reload XXXX",
          "taskType": 0,
          "enabled": true,
          "taskSessionTimeout": 1440,
          "maxRetries": 0
            "task":       {
               "id": "258fb2f6-b032-49a4-8c4d-a550d10ec808",
            "name": "After update ZZZ",
            "userSyncTask": null,
            "externalProgramTask": null,
            "impactSecurityAccess": false


      I receive an HTML text saying : "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". But there is no information about the expected object.


      Any help would be appreciated !