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    Intervals between timestamps in hours with fractions of a day for interval ends

    Alex Bernea



      I am trying to break the interval between 2 timestamps in order to find out the difference in hours per day with fractions for intervals


      I have the following input data:


      02/08/17 20:4402/10/17 04:52


      I would like to show them as:


      StartTimeEndTimeTime elapsed
      02/08/17 20:4402/09/17 00:0003:16
      02/09/17 00:0002/10/17 00:0024:00
      02/10/17 00:0002/10/17 04:5204:52


      I tried while loops and intervals, but I can't find a way to break correctly the edges of the intervals (those that are not full day)


      Thank you,