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    Calculated dimensions in pivot table

    Teemu Pitkänen


      I have a pivot table with one calculated dimension called 'Table' and one field dimension called 'User'. The table dimension displays a table name if it's available and a table id if no name is defined. The ID and name are both on a same row in the same table. My expression for the calculated dimension is something like this:



      The problem is that if I use a pivot on a table that doesn't have a name, the 'User' field won't show up at all. However if I open one of the pivots that do have a table name associated with them, the data for the first pivot magically appears. Is there a way to make the data visible every time I click a pivot even if I only have one nameless table expanded?

      EDIT: I've added a simple example to demonstrate the problem. Try opening table '3' on it's own and nothing happens. Then try opening 'first' and then '3'.

      Thanks in advance!