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    QlikView offering in SaaS area

      Hi folks,

      could you please help me answer on these questions:

      • BI portfolio covered - reports, dashboards, OLAP, DW, planning
      • Business model - monthly fees per user, report, …?
      • Are partners supposed to deliver the offering or will it be done by QT directly?
      • Is there any difference in SaaS environment compared to standard SW package?

      Thank you.

        • QlikView offering in SaaS area

          QlikView currently does not have a true SaaS offering. It is possible to build your own SaaS by installing QlikView on Amazon Web Services. In fact, this is what the QlikView demo site runs on. But you still have to maintain the Amazon server, and buy the QlikView Server software. There is no "per user" licensing like Salesforce.com does. Yet.

          QlikTech partners can help to implement QlikView in the cloud. The company that I work for, Centerstance (www.centerstance.com) implements QlikView hosted on Amazon Web Services. We specialize in cloud computing, including Salesforce.com, Amazon Web Services, and integration of Salesforce.com with QlikView.

          Gary Strader

          • QlikView offering in SaaS area

            We have created Business Discovery Cloud Model (QlikView Based) together with our SaaS solutions (CRM/ERP/HR/eLearning etc..) with a special World-Wide contract winth Qliktech.


            Also our clients can create whatever BPM  process (new applications) and syncronize all Geanet Objects with external sources (Oracle, Sap, Salesforce etc..) - With Qlikview Cloud (490€ /month) with no limitis of users but with limit of size per Qlik View Document the client or the Partner can created objects, reports etc.. with the advantages of Cloud model.


            This Service is focused to middle-low market and departments of big-market that they don't have resources to set-up a Qlikview in traditional model but they need fast devolopments a access data.


            Is important to know that this is a REAL-CLOUD-MODEL where the client never see IaaS o PaaS, the cliente will have all the functionality and the support of Business Experts..


            We would be very happy to include strategic Partners to analyze international growth.



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              Pablo Diaz Sanfeliu

              Hi Smelcdus,


              SaaS offering in QlikView is included in the OEM Partnership business model. If you would like to offer a SaaS product "Powered by QlikView" I invite you to talk with the OEM Manager in your territory.


              If the need is to have the QlikView Server in the cloud, I'm sure that you can find several offerings, but as Gary says, Amazon has everything ready to create your own private cloud with QlikView.


              If you need any more detailed information, just ask.





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                QlikView will soon be available in the cloud, enabling partners and customers to accelerate the development and sharing of apps without the need to buy or install software - it's a no barrier way to quickly conduct proofs of value (PoVs) and getting QlikView into the hands of everyone.  QlikView OnDemand will also help partners create new revenue opportunities by offering clients value added services that will spur innovation and revenue growth. Truly exciting!


                To learn more about the much anticipated offering (first shown at Qonnections) including the timing of the official launch, please visit a new LinkedIn Group, QlikView OnDemand.  Alternatively, email me at lm@rosslynanalytics.com to receive a demo.


                Kind regards,

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                  See for yourself how easy it is to build and share apps in minutes using QlikView in the cloud on the RAPid data enrichment platform.  Accelerate business discovery with Rosslyn Analytics.



                  Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STcSgvKUnRk