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    BUG? Calculate for the first line but do not for the others...

    ana carolina kobuti rentes

      Hi guys!


      I am having a problem in a simple table in QlikSense 3.1.

      I have to calculate quartiles and it does perfectly for the first line of the table (the first category = 'Restaurante'), but it doesn´t for the other lines...

      Does anyone have any idea of how to solve this issue???



      In this case the calculation for 'Restaurante' is made just fine, but the other lines are not calculated.




      If I change the order in my dimension (ValeuList) and put the 'Bebidas' category in the ValueList before the 'Restaurante' Category, it calculates for the first one ('Bebidas') and don´t calculate for the other lines ('Restaurante')....




      I have no idea why QlikSense can´t do the same calculation for the other lines..


      If someone have any clue for this problem please help me!!


      Thanks in advance!