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    Qlik Sense Cloud: Connect to MySQL without using Desktop?

    Jason Hezzel

      Apologies if this is answered definitively somewhere already, I've looked and haven't gotten a recent confirmed answer.


      I'm helping a group that is really keen on being as much in the cloud as possible and so the recent Qlik Sense Cloud Business tier announcement got them excited since collaboration features are important for them.  They have data sitting in a MySQL instance in Amazon RDS that they want to use, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to establish a connection from within the browser to MySQL.  I've found some previous threads saying this wasn't possible, but that it would be possible in a future release.


      Am I missing something obvious here in the interface? I've seen the video for how to connect Qlik Sense Enterprise to Amazon RDS in the browser.  Is that possible with Qlik Sense Cloud or do you have to use Qlik Sense Desktop to do the initial connection and load the data and then push up to Qlik Sense Cloud?


      Thanks in advance for any help here.