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    Merging Data Without Key

    Mikhail Bespartochnyy

      Hello everyone,


      I'm working with a data set that is in unusual format (see Sheet1 in attached spreadsheet). I am trying to load Data from Sheet1 and make it look like data in Sheet2.


      I am able to load Reference (Column B) through Check number (Column N), but I'm having trouble bringing Vendor, Company Code, Name, and City fields which are above each set of data.


      Attached is a QVW that I have so far. It Brings in the data from Columns B-N and list of Vendors, Company Codes, Vendor Names, and Cities from the data set but doesn't link the two tables.

      The rules of data is that a table with data will always follow supplier info.


      Does anyone have any suggestions how this data can be transformed and joined?




      Mikhail Bespartochnyy