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    How can I create a stacked bar chart with two measures that add to the correct total?

      I want to create a stacked bar graph that displays:


      1) Total installations by town

      2) Total installations with missing data


      The issue I'm running into now is that when I add both measures separately, it is counting each separately, which makes it look like the total installations are more than they really are


      For example if there was 1 installation done with missing data, the stacked bar graph is showing a count of 2 - 1 installation and 1 installation with missing data when I would like it to just show one bar in red that indicates 1 installation was done with missing data


      The current expressions I'm using are:


      1) count([Installations])

      2) sum([BlankFields)]


      BlankFields is a field I created in the data load editor that is like this:


      if((ManufSerialNo.='' OR Manufacturer='' OR ConstructYear='' OR "Valid From"=''),1,0)as BlankField


      How can I create a graph where the totals sum to the total number of installations?