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    Linking Dates Without Linking Entire Sheets

    Henry Esparza

      I can’t seem to figure out a way to link data together only for a specific chart.

      Is there some kind of expression to put in the formula so that it can return a measure linked to what I ask it to.
      For example, in a table where the rows are Date Added YearMonth and Publisher, Column is count Leads and sum Cost. I want to see Leads for those Date Added Year Month but Cost based on a different Date from a different data sheet, not Date Added Year Month.


      If I make 2 separate tables it works fine.

      I want to see, in the same table, Sum(cost) for End Date YearMonth and Count(Leads) for Date Added YearMonth.

      When I make a chart and use dimension End Date YearMonth and those two measures, Leads is wrong.

      Vice versa, if I make a chart and use dimension Date Added YearMonth and those two measures, it brings up the incorrect Cost.

      I believe the comes from the link between the two sheets. The variable linking them is not distinct for a specific date, therefore it is aggregating all of it that contain that variable.  I cannot change the structure nor the link to these sheet. Want to find a way to work around it. This expression should also work for a Combo Chart that also looks at Leads, Cost, and Date Added.